Managing your mental health can be HARD. Managing your overall wellbeing can feel like a constant rollercoaster ride. It can feel OVERWHELMING and EXHAUSTING trying to find the best method for YOU. But that is why I am here! I help you discover the best tools and tricks that suit YOU and YOUR NEEDS.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ but I can help you find the perfect path for you to leave you feeling SELF – EMPOWERED and filled with SELF-ACCEPTANCE.



Feel unable to accept yourself fully & unapologetically?


Struggle with anxiety and frustration on a regular basis?

Feel like you are stuck in a negative cycle of emotions and choices?
Find yourself held back by limiting beliefs and your inner critic?
Struggle to maintain healthy relationships?
Struggle to set boundaries with yourself and others?
Want to express yourself truthfully and authentically but don’t know how?


You woke up every day filled with self-acceptance?
You had a clear plan on how to manage your wellbeing?
You had an extensive toolbox filled with tried and tested methods to manage your anxiety and anger?
You were able to break out of that negative cycle and step onto your own path?
You felt empowered to embrace new relationships and open yourself up to love?
You felt confident in setting healthy boundaries?
You could step into the power of your voice with confidence and ease?
Your inner critic became your inner cheerleader?

Why Work With Me?

I have helped numerous womxn step into their power and embrace their shadows.

We work together to look at the WHOLE picture.


My unique programme draws on my experience and training in yoga, meditation, nutrition, public speaking and teaching, so you feel ready to step into your WORTH and become the womxn you are truly meant to be.


I work with Inner Child healing, Chakra clearing and breathing techniques to bring a sense of understanding and clarity.


You will leave with a range of tools and tips that will support you for LIFE. You will feel empowered and confident in who you are and feel certain in your ability to take charge of your wellbeing.


Over the last 6 months of sessions, Flo has created a safe, non judgmental and compassionate space for us to holistically explore all aspects of my life, to cleanse the parts of my life that have needed it, to realise concepts and ideas about what my wellness looked like and to connect to my past, via inner child work, to heal past traumas.

Her approach focuses on personalised wellness, knowing one size doesn’t fit all and that some areas of life may need more attention than others. Over the last 6 months she has been my cheerleader, my PT, my spiritual guide, my nutritionist, my confidante and has been invested in my progress, as if it were her own. She has given me the practical tools and knowledge to make my wellness goals become part of my daily routine and has been on hand whenever I have needed her to provide perspective, support and guidance.

Whilst my sessions are nearing an end, I have extended my coaching with her, to continue with specific goals, too big to fit into a 6 month window.

If you are thinking about coaching, here’s what I learned. You get out what you put in. Simple as that. This is not a walk in the park where you pay someone to give you all the answers– but she sure does steer you in the right direction so you find them!

Natalie H.

VIP Coaching
(6 month Programme)

This 6 month course is for you if you are truly invested in creating the life you TRULY desire.

We will have 2 x 1 hour coaching calls each month (total of 12 calls), in addition to access to my yoga and meditation packages.

You will have WhatsApp / email access to me 5 days a week, as well as personalised meditations, yoga classes, worksheets and much more!


The Intensive
(1 month)

Do you have a specific goal / problem you want to target and get to the bottom of? Then this month long, coaching intensive is for YOU!

You will receive 4 x 90 minute coaching calls over the space of a month, so we can work out a plan and make sure you follow it through!

During these sessions we will look at practical ways we can support your needs, through meditation, inner child work and practical tools.


VIP Coaching
(3 month Programme)

Are you ready to dive headfirst into your personal growth & see long-standing changes? For 3 months I will be by your side week-in week-out.

You will have a weekly 1 hour coaching call (a total of 12 calls), & access to my yoga and meditation packages.

You will have WhatsApp / email access to me 5 days a week, as well as personalised meditations, yoga classes, worksheets and much more!

Deep Dive
(120 minutes)

If you aren’t sure which programme is right for you or you simply want to focus on a specific problem area, then this is the perfect solution!

This package includes a preliminary 30 minute call to discuss what it is you would like to achieve, before following up for a 90 minute deep dive to leave you with a clear plan that will support you.



Do you offer payment plans?
YES! We offer payment plans for all of our coaching programmes, however, if you have any further questions, get in touch and we can work out a plan that suits you.
Do I need to have had coaching before?
Absolutely not! This is for you whether you have 0 coaching experience or hundreds!
I’m still uncertain, can I book a Discovery Call first?
Absolutely! Book a FREE 30 minute discovery call so we can work out if this is the right choice for you.

"Our mission is to give YOU the tools to take charge of your wellbeing. To find confidence within yourself and to have a deeper understanding of your own mind and body."