Date: 5th May – 9th June

Join Flo for a deep dive into the chakra system over 6 weeks.  Meeting every Wednesday evening (6pm – 7.30pm) each week will focus on a specific chakra.  The chakra system is made up of seven energy centres which represent and embody specific characteristics.  By understanding the chakras, we can aid energetic balance within the body, release stagnant energy and create a sense of harmony within ourselves.

This 6-week course will take place on Zoom and each class will be broken down into two parts: a teaching / lecture element on each of the chakras; followed by a chakra specific meditation and yoga practice aimed at stimulating and rebalancing each of the chakras.

The classes, meditations and lectures will be recorded, and you will have access to these for life!

Course Breakdown

Week 1: Root

Week 2: Sacral

Week 3: Solar Plexus

Week 4: Heart

Week 5: Throat

Week 6: Third Eye & Crown

Early Bird: £50 that’s less than £10 per class! Only available until Sunday 25th April!

Cost: £60

NB: If you are interested in coming along to just one or two of the classes and NOT having access to the online content, please drop me a message.