Wellness in Schools

Did you know?

1 in 9 children, aged 5 – 15 years, have a mental health disorder.
1 in 8 children, aged 5 – 19 years, have a mental health disorder.
81% of teenage girls, aged 17 – 19 years, report they are suffering with a mental health disorder.
Yoga & mindfulness has been shown to improve concentration, alleviate anxiety and increase productivity within schools.


We deliver wellness workshops for schools and charities in major cities across the UK, such as Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Oxford and London.

At Florence Bell Wellness, our mission is to educate and empower children and teenagers to take charge of their wellbeing, by giving them manageable tools and tips to help improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

We use tried and tested methods, such as yoga, mindfulness and breath-work to provide interactive and inspiring workshops that demonstrate instant results!

Why Florence Bell Wellness?

Florence Bell Wellness was originally created to provide a safe space for children and teenagers, a space where they could explore and understand their bodies and minds.

Having originally worked as a primary school teacher in Oxford, Flo felt frustrated by the lack of creative and emotional support available within the education system. Starting as a one-woman band, Flo began to provide yoga and mindfulness workshops for schools in Oxfordshire, using them as a means to discuss important topics on mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Today, it is no longer just Flo who delivers these workshops. Flo has a dedicated and passionate team of yoga and mindfulness teachers who deliver wellness workshops to schools and charities across the UK. The team at Florence Bell Wellness is passionate about bringing a fun and inclusive environment, which encourages children to embrace their bodies, discuss their mental health and learn how to take charge of their wellbeing.



Workshops can be tailored to each individual school / charity and can take place in-person or via zoom.

Get in touch to plan your workshop and use the following questions as a guide to get you going: 

What do you want the outcome of the workshop to be?
Would you like to focus on a specific topic / area? E.g. anxiety, exam stress, physical fitness, self-love

What age group is the workshop for?

Would you like a standalone session or a series of workshops?

Please get in touch for your personalised quote and to create your own tailored workshop.

Who We Have Worked With?

  • Barnardo’s Charity
  • Icarus Trust
  • Rattle & Roll, Manchester
  • Tile Cross Academy, Birmingham
  • Christ’s School, London
  • The Owl & Coconut
  • Levenshulme Pride, Manchester



“Flo has been amazing at engaging the vulnerable families we work with at BActive Manchester. Her friendly and encouraging nature put those new to yoga at ease whilst her clear instructions allow for progression and improvement. I have been particularly impressed with her Yoga games. These are fun and engaging for children whilst sticking to the principles and postures of yoga practice for older participants. I’ve even borrowed a few family games for my own sessions!

Flo has always modified sessions to meet our ever-changing demands, including recently delivering Yoga sessions via Zoom so we can still reach families during Coronavirus restrictions. She is always very inclusive; adapting sessions to recognise our family’s unique needs such as a lack of equipment and experience or language barriers. This approach has proved highly successful, with yoga becoming one of our most popular sessions and families always asking for more!

I would highly recommend Flo and Florence Bell Wellness for any Yoga sessions you have in mind, particularly if you are looking for a tailored service.”

Maddie Sweetman, Project Manager, BActive Manchester (Barnardo’s Charity)