The Different Types of Anger

Which type are you?!

There are numerous different ways in which you can express your anger but unfortunately, most of of us don’t choose the most constructive path! This isn’t a way for me to try and name and shame you, this is because you simply haven’t been taught how to express your anger in a healthy and productive way.

So what are the different types of anger and which one do you revert to usually?!

The Most Common Forms of Anger:

Assertive Anger
This is the most positive type of anger ! This is when you utilise you anger as a catalyst for positive change. A form of anger where you feel confident in advocating your beliefs and are ready to listen to other people’s views / opinions.

Passive Anger
This is where you avoid confrontation altogether. You will avoid saying your views, expressing your emotions and will feel upset when other people express anger or uncomfortable points of view.

Passive Aggressive Anger
A level up from passive anger. When using passive aggressive anger you will avoid saying your views and opinions directly and instead say them indirectly. You will struggle to advocate your own beliefs and will feel uncomfortable expressing your anger and emotions. You prefer to gossip rather than be direct.

Behavioural Anger
This is a physical type of anger response and is often seen as the worst form. This is when you will express your anger in a physical way, often aggressively.

Verbal Anger
Although not seen as bad as behavioural anger, verbal anger can still be incredibly damaging. This is when you will retaliate with verbal abuse, aiming to wound and hurt with hateful comments.

Retaliatory Anger
Do you retaliate angrily as soon as your feel attacked or on the defence without necessarily thinking about what you are saying? This is retaliatory anger, and is usually motivated by revenge or a feeling of being wronged.

Judgemental Anger
Often viewed as ‘righteous anger’, judgemental anger is when you will get angry about someone else’s actions or beliefs as your feel either ‘above’ them, or ‘beneath’ them.

Overwhelmed Anger
Do you find you get angry when you are overwhelmed with tasks or fear?  When we feel as though we have lost control and become overwhelmed we can often become angry due to a sense of hopelessness and fear.

Chronic Anger
If you feel as though you have a consistent sense of frustration, bitterness, or resentment towards others, yourself, or the world at large, this is recognised as chronic anger.

Self-Abusive Anger
Unresolved anger and emotions can become internalised when not dealt with properly and can become harmful to yourself. If you regularly berate yourself, have experience with substance abuse, self-harm or eating disorders, this could be a form of self-abusive anger.

This list is not exhaustive, there are numerous different types of anger but this is one of these are some of the most common and well recognised.

So, which ones do you tend to lean towards?!

And when you feel angry, do you feel able to express yourself in a constructive way that can instigate change and leave you feeling empowered?

And if not, are you ready to learn how to use your anger to inspire and create harmony?


If you are ready to take ownership of your anger and accept yourself joyfully, then I would love to work with you. Book a discovery call to learn the different ways you can work with me and to see what programme best fits you.