Yoga & Mindfulness

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced practitioner, Flo has something to offer.

Yoga & Meditation have been Flo’s constant since the age of 18. First taken to a yoga class by her Mum to help support a knee injury, it soon became a practice that Flo wanted to invest in. Through yoga and mindfulness, Flo became more self-assured, confident and began to take charge of both her physical and mental wellbeing.

Flo was keen to spread the yoga love, to teach people from all walks of life and to share the possibilities it brings. Flo educates her students on the scientific and anatomical benefits of yoga, in addition to the traditions and spirituality behind this ancient practice.

Flo currently teaches in 2 Manchester based studios, BLOK MCR and Hot Lotus Wellbeing Hub. For current information on her public classes, please visit their websites.

1:1 Classes

Flo offers 1:1 classes, from the comfort of your own home, for individuals and small groups. If you want to focus on a specific area, have an injury you wish to gain confidence in or simply want a continuous, tailored yoga experience, then this is the option for you.

Classes can be bought as a one-off, a block of 5 or a block of 10.


1hr – £50
1.5hrs – £70

Block of 5:
1hr – £225
1.5hrs – £315

Block of 10:
1hr – £425
1.5hr – £595

N.B.  ABOVE PRICES ARE FOR 1 PERSON ONLY – Get in touch for larger groups and a tailored price.


I’ve been following Florence’s yoga package classes for two months, and I’m feeling good.

For me, it helps that the classes are between 30 and 45 minutes – sensible timings for a daily home practice; it means I have time to enjoy a class before or after work. Each of Florence’s classes offer a different experience. I couldn’t give a favourite – each has a separate feel and flavour, so you can pick according to your mood or needs; each one is a favourite – the Yin class, with creative modifications; the nourishing and recharging Restorative class; the lovely Stretch class. And Beth’s 30-minute morning class is a delight – she’s soft-voiced and gentle, and gives a reassuring, steady, class to start the day.

I love yoga, and I’ve practiced for 40 years, but a recent back injury has meant I need to take it carefully; Florence’s classes definitely give me enough to work on, but I know I’m doing so with ease and steadiness – I’ve felt completely safe with this authentic and careful teacher. I’ve benefitted. My back’s benefitted. I feel confident with Florence’s pace; I’m relaxed. I enjoy her sense of humour and the intelligent, natural way she expertly conducts the classes.

Florence and Beth are talented teachers, who give clear, intuitive, easy to follow instructions; I don’t need to constantly watch them as they give the class. I can see myself continuing to follow the yoga package as it continues to feel fresh and lively. The yoga flows.

Dawn Akers
Doctor of Chiropractic & BWY Yoga Teacher


I have loved taking part in EVOLVE. With Flo's excellent knowledge, support and guidance I have managed to instil behaviours that before seemed impossible to achieve.  The way in which the course is written has allowed me to explore feelings and emotions in a different way than I ever have before and I firmly believe these shifts are permanent.  Something about the way in which I have changed feels more concrete this time.

Liz H.

"Our mission is to give YOU the tools to take charge of your wellbeing. To find confidence within yourself and to have a deeper understanding of your own mind and body."